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Inflatable Paddle Boards

We have searched the interwebs and tradeshows for the best valued inflatable paddle boards available, and we have chosen these specifically for you.  We know you are busy, and you should spend your time on the water paddling your inflatable paddleboard instead of researching them.


Brad, our owner, favorite in the lineup, is the Tahe 11'6" beach Sup Yak. He loves cruising the bays in and around Panama City, Florida.  Start the day off when the bay is slick as a baby's butt using the Tahe 11'6" Sup-Yak as a Stand Up Paddleboard.  It has incredible glide, wicked stable, even for a slightly overweight middle-aged guy. For an inflatable Paddle Board, it's hard to beat almost performs as well as a ridged paddleboard.  As the day progresses and the sun rises, he will clip on the seat and footrest and sit for a while, and kayak around.  The Tahe beach Sup-Yak will cut through the chop with ease, and it inflates to right at 15psi, which creates an incredibly rigid platform.  This Sup-Yak is intended to be a tandem inflatable kayak; however, Brad loves it as a single.

Tahe Beach Inflatable Sup-Yak as a SUP in Panama City FloridaFoot Rest on the Tahe Sup Yak Inflatable Kayak